Heaven on Earth

ALLAH has given all blessings to the land of Kashmir. Believe me, you come to know about the beauty of this land only after come here. You can’t even imagine the beauty without seen the mob of snow laden mountains, spectacular valleys and beautiful lakes here. Kashmir is pack of natural beauties, people having rich nature specially people of Bagh. I meet different types and every age of people here. They are soft spoken, kind hearted and owsume in their behavior. I tried to look into the hearts of Kashmiri and I found them, self respected and honored able people and proud of their identity and culture. If I talked them with love and respect then they were ready to present their hearts. I visited Kashmir during winter, It was great and unforgettable memories of my life, Through Murree we reached Kohala Bridge (Neelam Valley), Bharsala, Muzafarabad, Ghari Dopta, Tani, DhalCoat, Chakar, Sarbala, Sodhan Gali, Deer Pani, Bagh, Aarja, RawlaCoat, Banjhosa Jheel, Mang road Let me show you some snaps of my visit. I have no words to express my feelings, or na mera dil kar raha ha. bus tusi photos waikh loo..:)

Kohala Bridge, Bharsala
BBQ at Neelam Valley

Chappli Kabab at Bahg
Ghari Dhupta
Sudhan Gali
Deer Pani
Banjhosa Jheel



sold media and their support

Deplorable situation in Pakistan since last few years and miserable condition which Pakistanis are facing right know. Due to low literacy rate 70% Pakistanis don’t know about their human rights and have no political awareness, Pakistani really don’t know the POWER OF VOTES. Hypocrite’s political parties still trying to make them fool. Current Govt `(PPP) Pakistan People Party elected in 2008 because they showed dreams of Roti, Kapra, Makaan to the nation, Pakistan Muslim Legue (N) elected because they showed progress, developments dreams to the youngsters. MQM is ruling in Sindh just because of his slogun! If you will vote for MQM then there will be no Wadaira system in the country. We will fight for our Pakhtoon brothers and sisters best way to get hold in Khaiber Pakhtoniskhawa by Awami National party and Jameet Ulma-e-Islam. Four major parties are ruling in the country, I just want to show some achievements of their.

1-GDP Growth
Average GDP growth during 2008 to 12 has been 2.9 per cent which is lowest in any four-year period in history.(Phir b Bhutoozinda ha.) Bhutto was a good leader and he deserved a lot for the betterment of Pakistan. But now it seems dog has worn the loin’s skin or dress. No doubt! It is.

2- Inflation Ratio
In last four years Inflation has been the second highest ever in our country. (Phir b Qadam bharao Nawaz Sharief hum tumhary sath ha.)

3-Public debt
Public debt has increased by 105%. Almost 40,000 Pakistanis have been killed in terrorism due to the non-existent law and order in the country since 2008. (Phir b Altaf bhai Zindabad.)

4- IMO
According to IMO this is worst time in Pakistan’s history ever. (abi tak Teri Jaan meri Jaan Moulana Fazal-ur-rehman.)

All religion’schildren, Women, elders people have been killed in Pakistan in the name of terrorism by USA forces and other paid foreigner agent. (Asfand Yar Wali ki party bagair kisi ilhaaq k Election jeetygi.) Many kids who went school with charming faces but came back with no heart beat, A daughter said good bye to her father while saying Baba do you remember your promise to bring a doll for me, and at evening she meet with her baba who can’t tell her the reason why he didn’t able to fulfill her promise.

6-Law and Order
As we all know about situation of Karachi. Land of Karachi is bleeding everyday in the absence of law and order in the country. Political parties have their own target killers, just kill one man of the opposite party and they’ll kill your three. Bhatta Khoori we all know who are running and promoting Bhatta Khori system in Karachi, Great Milestone of our Democratic govt.

These are the Worst and Ugly achievements of corrupt ruling parties which I mentioned, I hope you all people have more ideas about it. But now no more, no more. Masha-ALLAH (ALLAH nazar na lagayee )all rulers are going very well for their own interest. Our elected leaders prepare constituencies for their own-self, they have no any concern with the nation and don’t care about country. They don’t want to know about community problems at grass root level and if they know than they are unable to find out solutions of them. Corrupted Oppositions and paid news editor (barking Dogs) are playing with sentimental of nation, doing everything to earn money and destroy the future of our upcoming generation but now no more, no more. Now just come to the point some dashing personalties which force me to write a post, and the personalities are Mr-NajamSethi, Mr-Nusrat Javaid. Two famous and worthy journalist of Islami Jhamhooriya Pakistan. With no respect Sethi sab do you have any insect in your body? which ping you every day to criticize on my leader Imran Khan. I know you do not have answer of my questions, but still I will ask some questions to both of you.

1-How could you compare Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf policies with Muslim league Nawaz policies? Whether you know we have brilliant policies makers like Assad Umer, Fauzia Qasoori and on the other side Nawaz league have Rana Sana Ullah, Ch Nissar.

2-Who is responsible of inflation and terrorism for the last 4 years? Khan sab or Nawaz, Zardari’s government?

3-Don’t you know about the Omer Cheema’s report on Parliamentary tax payers Zardari’s corruption, MQM’s Altaf bhai home arrested, why don’t you manage a program on these issues?

4-As all knows Nawaz left us at the time when we need him, then who is trust-able and loyal for Pakistan? PTI’s Imran Khan or PMLN’s Nawaz Sharief?

5-Why you don’t want to see a successful, developed and peaceful Pakistan?

6-How much money (Lifafy) you get to speak against Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf and Imran Khan?

7-If PMLN distributes Laptops and construct roads, so what? Is this not their responsibility to facilitate nation? Can you tell me what they did in last four years, don’t you know they are just doing these things only for the sake of votes and fake fame.

Nussrat Are you able to criticize anyone after see this snaps? and everybody knows about your Sheery Bibi interview.




And final question Sharam ati ha, aap dono ko k nae?

PMLN have spent bulk of money for distributing laptops instead of providing jobs after studies. Every sense-able person knows that PMLN tried their best to buy the youngsters of Punjab. Listen media of Pakistan! Zardari’s and his alliance parties are responsible for corruption, poverity, inflation, terrorism, target killings, and instability in the country for the last 4 years not PTI or Imran Khan. Some media’s persons and writers are also responsible of this situation, because you only have time to criticize on a party who is not in government but struggling to find success. Worst thing is you didn’t feel to realize government what’s their responsibilities and what they can do for the stable the community. Mger afsoos sharam tau aap ko ati nae ha.

Jo marzi kr lo paway Laptop wand lo paway Halmet wando, paway pull bna k metro bus chalao, but I will vote to PTI because, Imran khan is a patriotic honest and qualified leader, Imran has ability to give us back our social status. Pakistan country claims that Imran has given a lot even he was nothing. Now masses of Pakistan believe and decided only Imran Khan is a single light of hope in this dark and worst circumstances of the country. Imran khan can do everything to save the country and khan is sincere with all the nation. Imran’s past is very clear no hidden assets. What he has done is long term beneficial for the country, unbelievable world cup achievement, Namal Universities, Cancer Hospital. Do you think is this insufficient till right now even he is nothing? Mr Khan is a brave leader, The only one who went to NWFP and condemned the DRONE ATTACKS. He can stand with the people of those areas where Zardari, Nawaz, Asfand Yar, Altaf even Fazal-Ur-Rehman couldn’t go.

A leader, who is not corrupt, forms a party focusing on the lack of justice in Pakistan, I support him. Decision will be your’s If you want Insaaf then vote for Imran Khan.

Who knows Every single thing about me

When i was born, the first word which i heard that was ALLAH. The feeling of having someone who is not present physically but spiritually connected to me, has captivated all my thoughts, actions, interactions. When i was a kid, i saw my mother performing Namaz, The curiosity inside me forced me to ask her, what is she doing? and she took my hands and curved them like a well(Koonwa) [Dua k liye mery hath bandhna] and started reciting something that i was not aware. Gradually it became my habit to sit with her on her Jaye’Namaz at every Isha’s namaz time. Ama closed her eyes and start talking to somebody that i could not see and listen because the voice of Ama was very low and usually in our community we know that voice as (Dil ma parhna). That time i thought may be Ama can see because Ama is elder and i can’t see because I am small. I really liked that whole conversation of Ama and tried how to do my own. I still love the moment when Ama recites something with the movement of her head. I remember my Aba’s Dua (YA ALLAH paisy dy dy.) and I thought when my Aba will get up in morning then he’ll take money (paisy) behind his pillow. I started to do that pray before sleep but disappointed In the morning when I found nothing behind pillow. Then I learned from my Ama that ALLAH is one and everywhere, ALLAH is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. None of our prayers go unanswered. Some times It may be answered in the way which we want and some time the way ALLAH wants it to be.Masha-ALLAH my mum is very close to Deen she doesn’t miss her Namaz. I don’t remember exactly what I asked for when I was 6 but yes I always asked ALLAH for something good for me. May be ice cream, rain, happiness, Paisay new bat ball etc.

With time I realized the importance of praying and asking something from ALLAH Almighty. I was taught that when you need something, you shouldn’t ask anyone apart from ALLAH and HE shall grant your wish immediately. I was simply amazed by the power and divine strength of that someone whom I just contacted because it was mandatory for me. In life, there comes a time when we recognize that when all the relations ends and we found our self alone, there will be no Ama Abu no brothers and sisters no friends, then we come to know! there is no land no sky, even we couldn’t throw a stone in west and couldn’t move our hand to pick a flower, and we can’t do anything without the permission of ALLAH, then we know the value of our self, At that time we realized, only ALLAH almighty who is with us.

We should present our prayers in front of ALLAH so strong who resides in everyone’s heart. ALLAH is the one who knows every single thing about me and you and ALLAH has the power to turn mine and your world upside down. Most of the times our prayers already been answered by ALLAH without even telling HIM. And you know how I realized all of it? By looking back at my life when I was a child and evaluating the blessings that had been granted by ALLAH to make my life better and worth living.
We should pray with the faith in it to be answered. Believe me, none of our prayers go unanswered. Some times It may be answered in the way which we want and some time the way ALLAH wants it to be. ALLAH is the one who knows you and me more than you know your own self and me know my own self.

Lala is still my Hero

I belong to the nation which is very much cricket’s obsessed. Almost People from all age groups would talk nothing but cricket whenever Pakistan appears in any of the national or international tournaments semi finals or finals. I had always been a fan of cricket since my childhood just because as a Pakistani cricket is in my blood and when the Pakistan’s match starts my blood’s color become green. Once I cut my finger during the match and I surprised to see the blood of my body which was the combination of both green and red.
When the match starts I could imitate the cricket commentators and sound like a cricket expert on the field. I like to do the background running commentary with my so called expert opinion and predictions for the players, which would certainly make no sense at all. But when the situation becomes out of control then I don’t say even a single word as being a true supporter of my green team, Usually I start recites Darood Shareef and pray to ALLAH please (bus aaj ka match jeetwa du) bless us with the victory.
Yesterday Pakistan lost semi final from our best buddies Srilankans, Felt really very bad at that time even I abused in front of my boss. Because I wanted to see the Green team as victorious. In all matches of T20 world cup when Pakistan had won his game then I shouted Dhuz Dhuz Dhuz and tweet it. I didn’t see who is around me! girls, my collogues, my boss, a high class etc. I didn’t think what they will say about me, may be some says like this “how ridiculous he is, Manner less etc.” but I don’t care yar because we all know the feelings when we won a big match.
I didn’t forget Thursday 31 March 2011 the semi final of Pak India. I watched that match in my office Red signal with my collogues, we were sure at that time Pak will win this game definitely because Lala took the team from very down to up and he is the one who will never sale his dignity, But at end Lala didn’t sold his identity, Rehman Malik “Government” succeed to sold out Lala’s team, Do you guys think that sold deal was the only deal of green team? I think that was the deal of green team as well as our Paksarzameen. They sold us in dollars and build their home’s walls. Lakh Laanat.
Now come to the point, the big day and big game, again Thursday, world cup and semi final this time not India we faced Srilanka and they beat us after a very crucial game. Many voices around me like pakistan lost the match because of two Lalas Afridi and Umer Gul. Oh come-on yr how can you guys forgot that they were best at their time, why we forgot so quickly that one will win and one will loss but why every time we want victory? Did they promised us that we Pakistani team will bring world cup? Izzat raas nae ha hamain simple.

Just remember Umer Gull is the only one who takes us into semifinal of this world cup. Lets talk about Lala, He was the only man who made fastest century in ODI and 2nd fastest 50 runs. Lala was the man who gave break throw in bowling and enters the team Pakistan in the match. A player who rewarded us by most sixes in ODI, most man of the matches, won most of the matches for Pakistan. He is the man who is the fastest spinner in the cricket history. A leading wicket taker in T20 is my Lala. Because of Lala we played almost all semi finals of T20 world cup except this world cup. Many things which I want to share but I will not because (lakeer ky fakeer ha hum log) and we don’t want to understand.
The thing is that I’m not an ‘Afridite‘ but I strongly believe in respecting players. He isn’t in the best of his forms, and we lot expect too much, this is the time when he need our prayers and support and we are busy to criticize him at extreme level. Lannat hai yar.
We love this sport like anything else around us. I treat my players like family members who are cursed equally when they don’t perform well and are praised according to the number of runs they score or the number of wickets they take. I want to design a t-shirts and write on the back of that Lala I still Love you yr.

I think he should take some rest and just need to think that whether whats wrong with him, he can bat again in future or this is the end time of his career. and all haters please its his life and you people don’t deserve to say something about him. Let him do what he want, and those mouth better stay shut who are speaking bad about our cricket team and Lala, You dont deserve to be a part of celebration if you can’t support in times of loss. I wish we could keep the spirit alive in the hearts of our cricket loving nation for all the good things that are yet to come.

We are responsible not Government

I heard casually on the news channel about Karachi’s factory fire but while watching the news when I saw the documentary of three sisters and her brother death, then I concentrated on the news. And feel It’s not just about 300 people who died but its about every single family member of the died ones. I saw people burning alive, in flames some saved their lives by jumping from the roof. But i could do nothing. Then I changed channels and Watch reports about Karachi fire on different channels. I found people who died of suffocation caused by the highly toxic smoke. They died first and then their bodies were burned by the raging fire. can we imagane how they felt before death. A smoky envirment no light to see anything and no air to breath. They seen thier death in their life.

A street where from people taken almost 17 Funerals. A home where’s mother said good bye to her three daughters while saying that I’ll cook your favorite dish today for the dinner, who knows? that wish of mother will not come true and that was the last good bye between them. When a brother heard the news of his sister burning, he might tried hard to save them and how poor he was when he went there to rescue his sisters and he didn’t know that he will burn with her sisters. We can not feel the pain of that mother, who lost his treasure. such a huge loss of life she face. Mostly people who died in this indecent are all of 20 to 30. They were the only responsible for the expanses of their families. I saw a father’s cry and a mother’s weep, a sister’s desire to see her brothers last time to hear the voice of their beloved at-least once.

At the same day a Lahore’s factory was also burnt. Deadlyfires have gutted two factories in Pakistan, killing at least 314 people. In both incidents, the blazes trapped many employees. 85 bodies yet to be identified in Karachi. All shifted to Edhi morgue after obtaining DNA samples.

Mohammad Saleem, who broke a leg after jumping out of the second floor, said he and his colleagues were hard at work late Tuesday.”It was terrible, suddenly the entire floor filled with fire and smoke and the heat was so intense that we rushed towards the windows, broke its steel grille and glass and jumped out,” Saleem told.

In Factory Only one gate and that was the entrance gate no exit. No any satisfactory structure of factory, even that seems to be house. Who is responsible for almost 289 deaths? Govt of Pakistan, Govt of Sindh, industry minister, Owner of the factory or the people who died while working. “sala jab factory ban’ny lagi ho gi tab ye excise, income tax, mapping department wally tau aty hon gy na! 2, 2 lakh sab ko dy k muk muka kr liya ho ga uss time sab ny. apny bacho ka pait haram ki kamai sy barhny k liye itny insanoo ki zindagi khatam karny ka sabbab bany”. Salo almost five years have gone of your ruling and you could not succeed to produce light, some times i think that if electricity didn’t go and petrol generator in the basement didn’t turned on then never happened that.

We are the responsible for all this because we elected this Govt, Our silence make them strong, All tax, mapping and other departments under the Govt and they want only money nothing else, and money goes down department to the upper level. people say “yaha tau aisy he hota ha, jaiz kaam karwany k bi paisy lagty ha, yeh tau phir najaez ha” Seriously Karachi fire was definitely a plot. I humbly request to all of you, we need to take action against Government and the people who make them strong. Government will do nothing about this like always.

Fire took lives of around 300 people.May ALLAH give jannat to them all, may their deaths be made easy for them, may the injured/ burned people recover soon. ALLAH help us all, and forgive our sins, may ALLAH give us an easy death and not as painful and horrible as this..

want to meet my originality

After a long time thinking I came out of my room and burned a cigarette, while smoking I was thinking that who i am? And what is my importance in my own life? These are the questions I usually ask to myself. These questions are not enough i have many more questions which will be mention down.

In this world of you guys if you do anything, then you are right and if I try to do something right even for my own self, then you call it wrong. The question is that if i am wrong for myself then who is right? At every step of my life, i faced too many by whom i discouraged every time. Since my childhood i have never seen a person who appreciate me except my AMA, ABU and my elder bro. At the age of 12 or 13 i had an aim of my life and that was to become a doctor, pilot or engineer. But due to more expectations and burden of thinking of you people ( thinking of people = ager ma engineer nae bna tau log kiya kehy gy?)!! after some years i found myself an airplane (smoker). I found people strange, If I praise someone then they think that i must have my own mean in that. Take for instance If I don’t praise them they call me jealous. If i do extra care for someone then they think I love them, but if i don’t care them then i am a selfish according to them. So who i am? and what i should do to make people happy? Where is the cover of my soul? And where is my life? (Sala, Sari zindagi logo k bary ma sochty howay guzaro kiya?) what people will say and what people will think? I really don’t know from where I learnt to pay attention to others?

I live in an world where people has certain norms and values and they are busy to watch other’s life. I think i destroyed myself and i still not succeed to satisfy people. In every community around me, they couldn’t figure me out well. Just tell me one thing what you people want? What are your wishes? Should i send you an application to live free and independent? Why you all have right on me more then i?
Sun’nay ka bhi kar hosla
Jee lenay de sab ko yehaan.!!

I know some people are busy to teach me the lesson of truth, and i know they don’t want even listen the truth. If a gradute doing a sales man job then what is wrong? and why we treat him like he is not a human being.Where is the humanity? and why we judge him with his profession? I want to know that thing which forced the people to think like this? ( Saly log aisy daikhty ha uss ko jaisy wo koi buhut he haqeer Insaan ha ). Look at the salesman’s image which i posted!! everybody can feel that how embarrassing he is looking to fulfill his duty. yar why we don’t understand he is better then a begger. I only know this that ( Haqeer sy Haqeer kam kisi k agy hath phailany sy behtar ha), and this is the truth which we don’t accept. Believe me we have lost our originality.

I realised that hundred of pains are spread on my soul. I know i am from the street where people have no manners and have all the bad qualities. But I am still a human being and i have my own life. I have bulk of fears in my heart, (Fears = Nae yr dafa kr nae krna ye!! ager Yeh kiya tau log kiya kahy gy? Kiya sochy gy?). Just go to hell all of you its my life and i have all the rights of my life. ( meri marzi mai jo marzi kara ). I don’t want that people interfear in my life whether i am a salesman or a businessman. Nobody have right to discuss me. Now i decided that This time i’ll not send you people a request or messege of Free me. I will wait the right time and when the right time’ll come i will fly. Everyone is made of soil and will go in soil, when everything’ll end. so then we should not have proud of our self and should treat equally. Now i lay down on earth, and i have no fear of you gyus. Because this is my originality.

Early Age Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of blessings, love and mercy of ALLAH almighty, and taught me who I am? And what is the purpose of my life? Ramadan is the only month who show me how to get closer with my ALLAH and Rasool Muhammad P B U H. This month tells me how to purify my soul.

I was thinking and feeling all my memories of Ramadan yesterday. All the memories are scattered, but I remember that time when I was a kid and Ramadan was in winter.
Most of my memories of getting up early Sheri, I remember when my AMA told me “uth jao beta roza rakh loo 5 baj gaye ha” (The inspiring thing in that line is 5 am, I hope people know about it.) and I quickly waken up, Go to down stairs and wash my hands and mouth, After that I went to bazaar with Abu for purchase yogurt. Taken Sheri and wait for Azan. Then went Masjid with my cousins and brothers. Oh I forget to mention it that I lived in joint family system with my two bros, one sis and 7 cousins and we enjoyed Ramadan together. After Namaz_E_Fajar! We all kids tried to sleep quickly because after one hour we had to wake up again for school.

The interesting thing in my memories of school days at Ramadan was School timing only for 12pm; duration of tuition only for 1.5hours and the timing of learn Quran is only 30 minutes. In the beginning of Ramadan School used to look good, but the only problem at that time was to wake up again at 7:30 after Sheri. The atmosphere of the class in Ramadan was very good, teachers told us about the Ramadan, and teaches us that what we children should do in Ramadan.
After all these boring work of studies, in the afternoon we took the advantage of Rozza and do everything what we want like video games, cricket on roof and flying kites. At that time these were the favorite time pass ways in Ramadan.

The time of Assar, that time was the toughest time for me and my cousins because after one hour the time of Iftar. So we all were trying to busy our self in the kitchen. Three ladies (AMA nd two Chachi) and 11 children in the one kitchen, and we told them (Ladies) we also want to contribute to making Soomasy, pakooray etc. They shouted on us get out of the kitchen but we didn’t go, then they used their final option and that was (yeh bachoo ko bahir awaz daina zara koi kaam nae karny dy rahy) hahahaha and we all were out of the kitchen. After some time we heard a voice of my mum (dastarkhawan bichao or ye cheezain wagarah rakho 10 minute reh gaye ha). Finally the PTV transmission showed (Lahore or uss k Muddafat ma Mughrib ki Azaan ka waqat howa chahta ha) you people can’t even imagine, how we children were happy after hear that announcement on PTV. Khajoor only one, but our focus on Pakoory and Samoosy. We are used to fight for them.Even one of my cousins was busy to take Samoosy in his pocket at every iftari. We offered Mughrib Namaz (jaldi jaldi) quickly and back to home. This was the Ramadan of not only my family, but I think every family of 1995 had Ramadan like this.

Cold nights in the winter and offers TRAWIH was a great experience that I will never forget. Khatam Quran I used to have a night to be at 27th of Ramadan. I still remember Jumma-tul-Wida people felt sad at that Jumma because Ramadan going. Everyone wanted to get the blessings of growing in the night,but the pain of the departure of this month was really a sad.

Yad ha wo din? When we bought Eid cards for friends and relatives. The poetry which was written by us on Eid cards was amazing. The role of writing funny poems on the cards was also good. We forced to take bath on Chand Raat because of winter. And finally Eid! The day of happiness beauty. Only 100 or 200 rupees Eidi we had given by our parents. I still remember when we purchased Sharly wali pastool, pani wali pastool .:) Aahh ALLAH what time that was speechless.

After write this I m feel like I am still not done as so many memories are still popping out. These are the memories of my childhood, after written this I feel like that there is something missing in it, and I have still many things to share with you guys but I don’t want to write more.