We are responsible not Government

I heard casually on the news channel about Karachi’s factory fire but while watching the news when I saw the documentary of three sisters and her brother death, then I concentrated on the news. And feel It’s not just about 300 people who died but its about every single family member of the died ones. I saw people burning alive, in flames some saved their lives by jumping from the roof. But i could do nothing. Then I changed channels and Watch reports about Karachi fire on different channels. I found people who died of suffocation caused by the highly toxic smoke. They died first and then their bodies were burned by the raging fire. can we imagane how they felt before death. A smoky envirment no light to see anything and no air to breath. They seen thier death in their life.

A street where from people taken almost 17 Funerals. A home where’s mother said good bye to her three daughters while saying that I’ll cook your favorite dish today for the dinner, who knows? that wish of mother will not come true and that was the last good bye between them. When a brother heard the news of his sister burning, he might tried hard to save them and how poor he was when he went there to rescue his sisters and he didn’t know that he will burn with her sisters. We can not feel the pain of that mother, who lost his treasure. such a huge loss of life she face. Mostly people who died in this indecent are all of 20 to 30. They were the only responsible for the expanses of their families. I saw a father’s cry and a mother’s weep, a sister’s desire to see her brothers last time to hear the voice of their beloved at-least once.

At the same day a Lahore’s factory was also burnt. Deadlyfires have gutted two factories in Pakistan, killing at least 314 people. In both incidents, the blazes trapped many employees. 85 bodies yet to be identified in Karachi. All shifted to Edhi morgue after obtaining DNA samples.

Mohammad Saleem, who broke a leg after jumping out of the second floor, said he and his colleagues were hard at work late Tuesday.”It was terrible, suddenly the entire floor filled with fire and smoke and the heat was so intense that we rushed towards the windows, broke its steel grille and glass and jumped out,” Saleem told.

In Factory Only one gate and that was the entrance gate no exit. No any satisfactory structure of factory, even that seems to be house. Who is responsible for almost 289 deaths? Govt of Pakistan, Govt of Sindh, industry minister, Owner of the factory or the people who died while working. “sala jab factory ban’ny lagi ho gi tab ye excise, income tax, mapping department wally tau aty hon gy na! 2, 2 lakh sab ko dy k muk muka kr liya ho ga uss time sab ny. apny bacho ka pait haram ki kamai sy barhny k liye itny insanoo ki zindagi khatam karny ka sabbab bany”. Salo almost five years have gone of your ruling and you could not succeed to produce light, some times i think that if electricity didn’t go and petrol generator in the basement didn’t turned on then never happened that.

We are the responsible for all this because we elected this Govt, Our silence make them strong, All tax, mapping and other departments under the Govt and they want only money nothing else, and money goes down department to the upper level. people say “yaha tau aisy he hota ha, jaiz kaam karwany k bi paisy lagty ha, yeh tau phir najaez ha” Seriously Karachi fire was definitely a plot. I humbly request to all of you, we need to take action against Government and the people who make them strong. Government will do nothing about this like always.

Fire took lives of around 300 people.May ALLAH give jannat to them all, may their deaths be made easy for them, may the injured/ burned people recover soon. ALLAH help us all, and forgive our sins, may ALLAH give us an easy death and not as painful and horrible as this..


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