Who knows Every single thing about me

When i was born, the first word which i heard that was ALLAH. The feeling of having someone who is not present physically but spiritually connected to me, has captivated all my thoughts, actions, interactions. When i was a kid, i saw my mother performing Namaz, The curiosity inside me forced me to ask her, what is she doing? and she took my hands and curved them like a well(Koonwa) [Dua k liye mery hath bandhna] and started reciting something that i was not aware. Gradually it became my habit to sit with her on her Jaye’Namaz at every Isha’s namaz time. Ama closed her eyes and start talking to somebody that i could not see and listen because the voice of Ama was very low and usually in our community we know that voice as (Dil ma parhna). That time i thought may be Ama can see because Ama is elder and i can’t see because I am small. I really liked that whole conversation of Ama and tried how to do my own. I still love the moment when Ama recites something with the movement of her head. I remember my Aba’s Dua (YA ALLAH paisy dy dy.) and I thought when my Aba will get up in morning then he’ll take money (paisy) behind his pillow. I started to do that pray before sleep but disappointed In the morning when I found nothing behind pillow. Then I learned from my Ama that ALLAH is one and everywhere, ALLAH is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. None of our prayers go unanswered. Some times It may be answered in the way which we want and some time the way ALLAH wants it to be.Masha-ALLAH my mum is very close to Deen she doesn’t miss her Namaz. I don’t remember exactly what I asked for when I was 6 but yes I always asked ALLAH for something good for me. May be ice cream, rain, happiness, Paisay new bat ball etc.

With time I realized the importance of praying and asking something from ALLAH Almighty. I was taught that when you need something, you shouldn’t ask anyone apart from ALLAH and HE shall grant your wish immediately. I was simply amazed by the power and divine strength of that someone whom I just contacted because it was mandatory for me. In life, there comes a time when we recognize that when all the relations ends and we found our self alone, there will be no Ama Abu no brothers and sisters no friends, then we come to know! there is no land no sky, even we couldn’t throw a stone in west and couldn’t move our hand to pick a flower, and we can’t do anything without the permission of ALLAH, then we know the value of our self, At that time we realized, only ALLAH almighty who is with us.

We should present our prayers in front of ALLAH so strong who resides in everyone’s heart. ALLAH is the one who knows every single thing about me and you and ALLAH has the power to turn mine and your world upside down. Most of the times our prayers already been answered by ALLAH without even telling HIM. And you know how I realized all of it? By looking back at my life when I was a child and evaluating the blessings that had been granted by ALLAH to make my life better and worth living.
We should pray with the faith in it to be answered. Believe me, none of our prayers go unanswered. Some times It may be answered in the way which we want and some time the way ALLAH wants it to be. ALLAH is the one who knows you and me more than you know your own self and me know my own self.


4 thoughts on “Who knows Every single thing about me

  1. Great ….its the reality of our society and culture, we trained the kids in this way. slowly and gradually they realize ALLAH is one and Islam is the most powerful religion of the world.

  2. Great job Rizwan… I really liked your effort to show the importance of DUA in our life. May Allah give you strength to write many more articles like this.

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