About Rizwan Javaid

Assalam O Alaikum guys!! I am just a regular Pakistani, The idea of this blog is to share my views with you guys some amazing and strange day to day stories that have so much of influence in my life. I really don’t like the people who see only my good things, I appreciate when people criticize me on my bad things, because they are the true companions of mine. About me oh my ALLAH.To much difficult work because i never understand about my self that what i want? So let me think about my self and keep in touch with my posts, stay bless.


One thought on “About Rizwan Javaid

  1. Hello Rizwan,

    I am Hassam, chief editor of Y buzz Magazine. It is a platform for young writers. We are currently looking for bloggers for our online magazine and I would really like to work with you. We will offer your blog address with your introduction alongside with every article you write. We currently have more than 600 views daily. I am looking forward to your response so that we can work on the details.


    Chief Editor Y Buzz Magazine


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